Our goal is to make sure that you feel welcome to the group and feel confident in posting and contributing to the community. If at any moment you feel the need to reach out to a moderator/administrator we want to make sure you know who to reach out to.

Below you will find a list of the volunteer moderators that are available to you at any time. We also have a #slack-mods channel in case you need to bring something to the attention of the entire moderator group.


Steph Salileng @steph salileng

Stephen Rancour @steverancour

Stephen Allen @skyecaptain

Anthony Nguyen @tony

Dustin Kemper @dustin

Kevin Jackson @kj

Bri Piccari @bri

Hoai-Quoc Vinh @hqvinh

Jared Adams @jared

Len Damico @len

Phil Buckley @phil buckley

Rana Fayez @rana